Did you know that animals are still used to test household products on sale in the UK?

Rabbits, hamsters, rats and mice have traditionally been injected, gassed, force-fed and killed to test the ingredients that go into everyday household products such as washing up liquid, air fresheners and dishwasher tablets.

Cruelty Free International thinks this is wrong. Please join our campaign to Clean Up Cruelty.

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Cruelty-free companies have proven it is possible to make humane household products without testing on animals.

Did you know ethical alternatives can be used instead of cruel animal tests? Companies can use existing combinations of safe ingredients and, where new combinations are created, there are approved modern and humane techniques which can be cheaper, safer and more effective.

Cruelty Free International certifies well-known high-street brands like The Co-operative, M&S and Ecover which do the right thing by producing popular household cleaning products without testing on animals under our Leaping Bunny programme.

Government broken promise?

Thanks to pressure from our founding organisation, the BUAV, when the UK Government came to office in 2010 it pledged to “end the testing of household products on animals”.

In 2011, then Home Office Minister Lynne Featherstone MP, promised the ban would include the ingredients that go into making up the product as well as the finished household product itself.

She said, “The prohibition will apply to both finished household products and their ingredients, although in practice mainly the latter are tested.”

In the UK animal tests for household products are usually carried out for the chemical ingredients that go into these products, so this would make a real difference to animals.

But after three years of consideration and promises the Government has still not published its final plans for the ban, and now looks set on doing a U-turn having indicated that only finished products will be covered by the ban, making it an effectively worthless and empty gesture.

Help us convince the Government not to waste this chance to make household products truly cruelty-free. It’s time to Clean Up Cruelty.

We’ve cleaned up cosmetics, now let’s make household products cruelty-free

The BUAV, founder of Cruelty Free International, successfully campaigned for an EU ban on testing cosmetics on animals. The EU cosmetics ban was a driving force for the cosmetics industry to develop and use humane alternatives to animal tests.

If they can do it for cosmetics, it can be done for household cleaning products!

As we are seeing so clearly with the EU cosmetics ban, government bans are the best way to drive real long-lasting change for animals suffering in laboratories.

Cruelty Free International urges governments across the globe to do the right thing for animals – together we can create a world where no animal is forced to suffer in a laboratory to test consumer products, including cosmetics and cleaning products.

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Our campaign so far

The BUAV, the founding organisation of Cruelty Free International, has led the campaign to end the cruel and unnecessary use of animals in household product testing.

Since its launch, our campaign has been widely supported by the public, celebrities, politicians and local Councils across the UK. We have convinced them to make the switch to compassionate cleaning by using Cruelty Free International certified products in their offices and homes.

Our campaign successfully convinced the Liberal Democrats to include a household products ban in their 2010 General Election manifesto, and this was included in the Coalition Government’s Programme for Government.

With the support of MPs from all political parties, we have repeatedly called on the Government to implement a full ban on the use of animals in tests for household products. Yet despite this, the Government so far has refused to honour its pledge.

Please do the right thing for animals and support our campaign to Clean Up Cruelty.

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