Vietnam agrees to ban cruel rabbit eye tests thanks to Cruelty Free International

Trailblazing Cruelty Free International initiative brings ASEAN cosmetics ban in view.

The Vietnamese Government has today confirmed to Cruelty Free International that it will ban the use of the cruel Draize rabbit eye test for cosmetics. This crucial breakthrough was negotiated by Cruelty Free International Director of Policy, Dr Nick Palmer, at the conclusion of the successful alternatives training programme funded by Cruelty Free International at the Institute of Drug Quality Control in Vietnam this week.

At a high-level meeting including key decision-makers Dr Nguyen van Loi of the Department of Drug Administration and Professor Trinh Van Lau, Chair of the Vietnam Pharmacopeia, it was agreed to expand cooperation with Cruelty Free International to move towards official validation of the humane alternative methods.

This will see the use of these replacements become mandatory for the eye testing that was traditionally done on rabbits, as well as development of alternatives not yet used in Vietnam such as human skin simulation.  It was agreed that full validation of the non-animal method will be pressed ahead in the coming months and the old test will be prohibited thereafter.

Dr van Loi said, “The Drug Administration Department of Vietnam welcomes the productive cooperation with Cruelty Free International and looks forward to further successes.”

Cruelty Free International Policy Director Nick Palmer said, “We are impressed by the commitment of the Vietnamese authorities to press forward and will work with them to spread modern non-animal approaches for cosmetics and other products across ASEAN.”

Cruelty Free International’s trailblazing initiative in Vietnam brings our goal of achieving an animal testing cosmetics ban in ASEAN a significant step closer.  Cruelty Free International first recognised the opportunity to drive forward positive change for animals in the region when we identified that Vietnam had been using animal tests for cosmetics, unlike other ASEAN countries, but was ready for change.  The ASEAN Cosmetics Directive closely resembles the European Union’s but with one important difference – it does not include the animal testing ban.

Following a series of high level meetings with senior decision-makers in Vietnam, Cruelty Free International was able to negotiate a programme to train government laboratories in modern techniques to test cosmetics which do not involve animal suffering, funded entirely by donations from Cruelty Free International’s supporters.

Cruelty Free International is rolling out its proven positive approach around the world with countries open to discussing how we can work together to upgrade them to modern humane science instead of outdated cruel animal tests.

Photo: Dr Nick Palmer with Dr Nguyen Ngoc Vinh, Director of IDQC, Dr Nguyen Van Loi, Head of Cosmetic Administration, Department of Drug Administration, Ms Tran Thi Quynh Chi, Deputy Director of IDQC Professor Trinh van Lau, Chair of Vietnmamese Pharmacopeia 

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