Gold-winning Olympian joins Cruelty Free International to call on Russia to end the use of animals to test cosmetics

Russian Olympian Alexey Voyevoda, who took home the gold for two-man bobsledding in February, has joined Cruelty Free International’s global campaign to end animal testing for cosmetics.

The vegan gold medallist said, 'I am delighted to support Cruelty Free International on this historic anniversary and ask that you join us in calling on the Russian Government to end cosmetics tests on animals’

This support comes on March 11th, which marks the one year anniversary of the European Union ban on animal tested cosmetics.  Dr Nick Palmer, Director of Policy and Stacey Komagina from Cruelty Free International are in Moscow to present a new report and roadmap to the Russian Government. The report, ‘Meeting the Global Challenge: A guide to assessing the safety of cosmetics without using animals’ and roadmap are designed help governments, politicians, regulators and cosmetics manufacturers across the world in switching to alternatives to replace animal testing.

85,000 compassionate Russians have endorsed our call to move towards an end to animal testing for cosmetics. Now we are asking supporters to sign the petition calling on the Government to endorse Cruelty Free International’s roadmap and set a specific date when Russia will turn its back on cruel cosmetics tests forever. The petition can be found here.

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