Dahae Bae and Cruelty Free International host press conference to call on Korea to end the use of all animals to test cosmetics

Singer Dahae Bae has joined Cruelty Free International East Asia Manager, Hyung Ju Lee in hosting a news conference to mark the first anniversary of the historic European Union ban on animal tested cosmetics and to call on the Government of South Korea to sign up to a roadmap to implement a ban on the use of animals to test cosmetics.

The call comes as Cruelty Free International delivers a ground-breaking scientific report, ‘Meeting the Global Challenge: A guide to assessing the safety of cosmetics without using animals’ and roadmap on the alternatives to animal tests to South Korea and 100 additional governments around the globe.

Singer and Cruelty Free International supporter, Dahae Bae, posed with a sign in support of the #TellTheWorld campaign which aims to use the benchmark anniversary of March 11th to call on countries around the world to encourage their governments to go cruelty-free.

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