Cruelty Free International welcomes Australia bill to end animal testing for cosmetics

Cruelty Free International has welcomed moves by the Australian Green party to ban cruel animal tests in the country after Senator Lee Rhiannon introduced a Private Senator's Bill to Parliament.

The Bill would modify the existing Industrial Chemicals Act, and like the European Union ban, would prohibit the sale of animal tested cosmetics in the country.

The move comes as Cruelty Free International delivered our roadmap to the Australian Health Minister Peter Dutton, outlining the practical steps the Government can take to implement a ban as soon as December 2015.

80% of the world – including Australia - still allows animal testing for cosmetics.

Yet alternative tests are available which are more reliable, faster and cheaper than the cruel animal tests they replace.  Cruelty Free International’s ground-breaking new scientific report on the alternatives to animal tests sets out how Governments can replace cruel cosmetics tests right now.

1 million people have already added their names to Cruelty Free International’s pledge for a global ban on animal testing for cosmetics. We are working to ensure Australia does not get left behind and turns it back on animal tested cosmetics forever.

Take action:

  1. Please join our call to the Australian Government to ban cruel cosmetics tests forever by signing our petition

  2. Listen to Cruelty Free International’s Director of Policy, Dr Nick Palmer, on SYN radio

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