Cruelty Free International presents at COPRA meeting

Today, Cruelty Free International will address the UK Cosmetics & Perfumery Retailers’ Association (COPRA) at their meeting about ‘The Caring Face of Beauty’. 

COPRA represents the major retailers of fine fragrances and cosmetics in the UK, members of which are dedicated to the promotion of knowledge and service excellence in the cosmetics and perfumery industry. Regular meetings provide education and training to COPRA members including many of the UK’s best-known beauty chains and department stores. 

Cruelty Free International’s Penny Ashcroft will deliver a presentation on the subject of ‘Animal Testing – Today’s Challenges for the Beauty Industry’ and answer questions about regulations affecting animals in laboratories, as well as why it is important for companies to carry the Leaping Bunny ‘cruelty-free’ logo.

This is an opportunity for us to promote the Leaping Bunny programme and to get our message across to key players in the beauty industry about the importance of producing cosmetics and perfumes without testing on animals. 


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