Cruelty Free International makes progress in Korea

Interest in the European ban on imports of cosmetics tested on animals is leading to a review of policy in numerous countries around the world, and Cruelty Free International is encouraged by signs of progress in Korea. A delegation of regulators and industry from Korea requested a meeting with Cruelty Free International in London to discuss the ban, and this was followed up by a visit from our Director of Policy, Dr Nick Palmer, to talk with the Korean Food and Drug Administration, the Korean Cosmetics Association, a supportive Parliamentarian and her team as well as a meeting of over a dozen Korean consumer and animal protection groups. With our Korean partner, the Korean Animal Welfare Association, a seminar is planned for the near future to discuss the way forward. 

Dr Palmer commented,Following the European marketing ban we are seeing doors open in all the major exporting countries as industry tackles the job of converting all their safety testing to modern non-animal methods. We are particularly pleased to see the active interest of Korean industry and we will do all we can to encourage progress.


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