Ban proposal gains momentum in Brazil

Thanks to your efforts and the 120,000 signatures backing Cruelty Free International's campaign, the proposal for a ban on animal tests for cosmetics in Brazil is continuing to gain momentum.

At the recent "Animal" demonstration in Brasilia, Cruelty Free International's Brazilian campaign gained the support of every party leader in urging rapid consideration of Representative Izar's Bill.

Now CONCEA, the body that advises the Government on animal testing, is considering a ban as well, and will vote on it this week. Many scientists have written to CONCEA in support and Cruelty Free International's Director of Policy has had a detailed discussion of the issue with CONCEA's director Dr José Mauro Granjeiro. We hope that CONCEA will reinforce the effort in the Congress.

Please take action for animals now!

Please email the President of the Assembly, Deputy Henrique Eduardo Alves at, urging rapid adoption of Bill PL 6602/2013.

It is time to turn our backs on cruel cosmetics tests forever.

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